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Console = Dreamcast
Times Viewed = 22
Author = Neophyte

NFL Blitz 2001

Ultimate cheats
Press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons below the helmets, at the versus screen. Press the buttons indicated number of times and press the D-pad in the indicated direction to activate the corresponding cheat. The numbers from left to right represent Turbo, Jump, Pass respectively. For example, to activate the code 1-3-2 Up, press Turbo, Jump, Jump, Jump, Pass, Pass, Left.

Effect Code
Unlimited turbo            5-1-4 Up
Unlmited throwing distance 2-2-3 Right
Fast turbo                 0-3-2 Left
Power-up offense           3-1-2 Up
Power-up defense           4-2-1 Up
Power-up teammates         2-3-3 Up
Power-up blockers          3-1-2 Left
Super blitz                0-4-5 Up
Super field goals          1-2-3 Left
No interceptions           3-4-4 Up
No random fumbles          4-2-3 Down
No first downs             2-1-0 Up
No punting                 1-5-1 Up
Out of bounds ON           2-1-1 Left
Fast passes                2-5-0 Left
Late hits                  0-1-0 Up
Show field goal %          0-0-1 Down
Hide receiver name         1-0-2 Right
Invisible                  4-3-3 Up
Colorful football          3-2-3 Left
Big football               0-5-0 Right
Big head                   2-0-0 Right
Huge head                  0-4-0 Up
No head                    3-2-1 Left
Headless team              1-2-3 Right
Team big heads             2-0-3 Right
No play selection          1-1-5 Left
Show more field            0-2-1 Right
No CPU assistance          0-1-2 Down
Power-up speed             4-0-4 Left
Hyper blitz                5-5-5 Up
Smart CPU opponent         3-1-4 Down
Deranged blitz mode        2-1-2 Down
Ultra hard mode            3-2-3 Up
Super passing mode         4-2-3 Right
Super blitz mode           4-4-4 Up
Tournament mode            1-1-1 Down
Always quarterback         2-2-2 Left
Clear                      2-1-2 Left
Snow                       5-2-5 Down
Rain                       5-5-5 Right
Cardinals playbook         1-0-1 Left
Falcons playbook           1-0-2 Left
Ravens playbook            1-0-3 Left
Bills playbook             1-0-4 Left
Panthers playbook          1-0-5 Left
Bears playbook             1-1-0 Left
Bengals playbook           1-1-2 Left
Browns playbook            1-1-3 Left
Cowboys playbook           1-1-4 Left
Broncos playbook           1-1-5 Right
Lions playbook             1-2-1 Left
Packers playbook           1-2-2 Left
Colts playbook             1-2-3 Up
Jaguars playbook           1-2-4 Left
Chiefs playbook            1-2-5 Left
Dolphins playbook          1-3-1 Left
Vikings playbook           1-3-2 Left
Patriots playbook          1-3-3 Left
Saints playbook            1-3-4 Left
Giants playbook            1-3-5 Left
Jets playbook              1-4-1 Left
Raiders playbook           1-4-2 Left
Eagles playbook            1-4-3 Left
Steelers playbook          1-4-4 Left
Chargers playbook          1-4-5 Left
49ers playbook             1-5-1 Left
Seahawks playbook          1-5-2 Left
Rams playbook              1-5-3 Left
Buccaneers playbook        1-5-4 Left
Titans playbook            1-5-5 Left
Redskins playbook          2-0-1 Left

Hidden Plays
During gameplay go to the topleft corner and press Up twice. Use VMU to see which play you selected.

CD music
Play track two and higher of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game

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