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All-Star Baseball '99

  • Alien stadium and team

    Enter "ATEMYBUIK" as a code at the cheat menu. If you entered the code correctly, the phrase "Let the abductions begin" will appear. Now a stadium called Alienapolis will appear at the end of the stadium selection screen. When you select this stadium, the second team will be the "Abductors". The players will remain the same except for their apperance.

  • Baseball trails

    Enter "GRTBLSFDST" as a code at the cheat menu. Alternatively, press B, Left, Up, Right, Down, B, A, Left(2) during the game.

  • Giant baseball

    Enter "BBNSTRDS" as a code at the cheat menu. Alternatively, press Up, Right, A, Left(2), B, Up, Left(2) during the game.

  • Two dimensional players

    Enter "PRPPAPLYR" as a code at the cheat menu. Alternatively, press Up, Right, A, Right, A, Down(2), Up(2), Down during the game.

  • Fat and thin players

    Enter "ABBTNCSTLO" as a code at the cheat menu. Alternatively, press A, Left(2), Right, Up, B, Right during the game.

  • Big heads, feet, and bat

    Enter "GOTHELIUM" as a code at the cheat menu. Alternatively, press Left, A, Right, Down, B, A, Left(2) during the game.

  • Big heads and feet

    Enter "BIGHELIUM" as a code at the cheat menu.

  • Credits

    At the title screen, press R, A, Z, R, C Right, A, B to enable a credits option.

  • Programmer messages

    At the title screen, press C-Up, R, B(2).

  • Pause camera view

    Enable a manual camera, then press Up to stop the game.

  • Home Run Derby camera control

    Begin a normal game, not in Home Run Derby mode. Then, enable the manual camera view option. Exit the game, then begin a game in Home Run Derby mode. Use a controller not being used for the game to control the view. Press Left to pause the view or Right for slow motion.

  • Extra pitches

    While playing a game in arcade mode, hold Z or L to access more pitches, including a split-fastball and screwball.

  • Faster base running

    Quickly tap Z to run to the next base or quickly tap R to return back to a base faster.

  • Slower game

    Set the batting camera option to "Zoom" to have a slower game in almost all play modes.

  • Reversed batter

    Pause the game and replace the batter with a different player that bats with the same hand. Resume the game briefly until the new player is seen, then pause and return to the line-up screen. Then, replace that batter with a player that bats with the opposite hand.

  • Dancing player

    When the opposing team scores, walk your player to home plate. Then the scoring player will be dancing.

  • Hints
      Easy hits

      Hit the ball anywhere in fair territory, then quickly pause the game. Change the controller options to control the opposing team, then resume the game. Intentionally miss the ball, allowing the batter to reach base before switching back.

      Keep a low ERA

      Pause the game in season mode if a homerun is hit against your pitcher. This must be done before the ball leaves the park. Select the "Bullpen" and "Bullpen To Mound" options to change your current pitcher for another player. After the game is resumed, the new pitcher will be charged with the homerun, allowing the original pitcher to keep a lower ERA.

      CPU bunts

      If a CPU batter misses a bunt, he will automatically make a second attempt on the next pitch. Use this to your advantage by pressing B after selecting a pitch to throw a pitch out.

      Picking off a CPU baserunner

      If the CPU reaches second base by stealing, the baserunner will almost always try to steal third as well. Throw a pitch out to increase the chance for a pick-off.

      Weird play

      Run along the wall and hold Z, then throw the ball to any base. The player will throw the ball into the air and catch it.

      See the catcher

      Select the Cleveland Indians as a team and Enir Diaz as the catcher. He will be visible when the pitch is thrown.

      Using Richie Sexon

      Use the following steps to get Richie Sexton, one of the best batters in the game. Select "General Manager", then choose "Roster Moves" and go to "Minor Leagues". Choose the Cleveland Indians and bring up Richie Sexon. He has a sweet spot that is almost as large as his batting circle. If you make good contact, he will almost always hit a homerun. Do not be deceived by his hot/cold chart.

      Prevent stats error

      There is a known problem in the game that causes statistics loaded from a memory pak to become corrupted when loaded. To prevent this, load the statistics file twice in succession.

  • Script From CheatsNetwork coded by David Cole



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