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Console = Nintendo 64
Times Viewed = 104
Author = Neophyte

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

  • All weapons

    Enter "NSRLS" as a password.

  • Maximum ammunition

    Enter "MMLVSRM" as a password.

  • Play as General Plastro

    Enter "PLSTRLVSVG" as a password.

  • Play as Vikki

    Enter "GRNGRLRX" as a password.

  • Play as Tin Soldier

    Enter "TNSLDRS" as a password. Note: Enter this code after activating another character code to create a Tin version of that character.

  • Test information

    Enter "THDTST" as a password.

  • Mini mode

    Enter "DRVLLVSMM" as a password.

  • Reverse weapon selection

    While playing a game, hold B and press Z to cycle through weapons in reverse order.

  • Restart level

    While playing a game, hold L + R + C-Down to return to the starting location of the current level.

  • Level passwords

    Level Password
    Attack LNLGRMM
    Spy Blue TRGHTR
    Bathroom TDBWL
    Riff Mission MSTRMN
    Forest TLLTRS
    Hoover Mission SCRDCT
    Thick Mission STPDMN
    Snow Mission BLZZRD
    Shrap Mission SRFPNK
    Fort Plastro GNRLMN
    Scorch Mission HTTTRT
    Showdown ZBTSRL
    Sandbox HTKTTN
    Kitchen PTSPNS
    Living Room HXMSTR
    The Way Home [Note] VRCLN

  • Script From CheatsNetwork coded by David Cole





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